Arthur Barbosa Barros

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Arthur Barbosa Barros

Your role at FIDLOCK (FW):

Intern in the area development.
Footwear Team - Arthur Barbosa Barros
Why join the FW team?

Because I have been very interested in fashion and footwear for years.


What do you especially love about FW?

The combination of hard and textile materials, the technology and tradition, but most of all how different each shoe makes you feel walking in it.


What do you focus on most for the development/sales & service of footwear fasteners?

Making user-friendly functionality look nice. I mean, I try to at least.


Which fastener is currently your favorite for footwear and why?

HOOK 20 tanka, because of its versatility. You can adjust your fit and it won’t change no matter how often you take your shoes off and put them back on again, but it also can be fixed to the shoe in numerous ways and directions, giving you a plethora of options on how you want to utilize it.


What would you say is the strongest argument for using FIDLOCK in footwear?

It feels like magic and gives possibilities that were unthinkable before. Also, it looks dope.


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